Welcome to Sage King Naturopathy

A diversity-friendly clinical Naturopathic practice offering high-quality health care. Everyone is welcome here.

Sage –

Noun: wise; the common name for Salvia officinalis, a powerful culinary & medicinal plant, traditionally used for its healing, preserving, & cleansing qualities.

The word Sage is derived from Latin salvia (healing plant), from salvus (safe).

Here at Sage King Naturopathy, it’s an honour to be a part of someone’s healing journey, and no two journeys are the same. I pride myself on making my clinic a safe space for everyone; especially those that do not feel supported within mainstream healthcare models.  My goal is to provide you with holistic, evidence-based Naturopathic health care that allows you to manage, control, improve, or maintain your health & wellbeing while embracing who you are.