You will need to arrive 10 minutes early to your initial consultation to fill out a new client intake form. This is a small 3 page form where you fill out information such as your name & contact information, emergency contact, relevant medical history, & list any medications or supplements may be taking.   

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

The focus of this consultation is to gain an in-depth understanding of your health complaints while identifying the underlying cause(s).

An extended initial consultation allows you space to tell your health story, while assisting me to develop an understanding of your current health status in as much detail as possible. A series of in-depth questions will be asked based on your current health concerns, as well as investigating any other health complaints you’ve had in the past. During this consultation, other tools such as physical examinations, iridology, and referral for further testing may be conducted when appropriate to gather more information on your presenting complaint(s) & overall health picture prior to your second appointment.

Extended Return Consultation (45 mins)

The focus of this consultation is to present & finalise your individualised treatment plan.

Using the information gathered in the initial consultation, combined with the results of any tests/assessments conducted, a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed to address your personalised therapeutic health goals. During this consultation, your personalised treatment plan will be presented to you, as well as any relevant test/assessment results. Your treatment plan will incorporate & outline your health goals, and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, dietary or lifestyle changes may be prescribed at this time. Through your individualised treatment plan, we can improve your current health complaints, while addressing the underlying cause(s). This consultation usually occurs between 1-3 weeks after the initial consultation, depending on the presentation of your case. In some cases, test results must be reviewed before your comprehensive treatment plan can be completed, and therefore may extend the time between your initial & extended return consultations.

Return Consultations (30 mins)

The focus of these appointments is to check in with your progress, symptoms, and overall health presentation.

Return consultations are used to track your progress to ensure you achieve your health aims according to your treatment plan, and tailor ongoing treatment to ensure long-term health & wellbeing.  Throughout the initial stages of your health journey, we will see each other more regularly (approximately every 2 weeks), followed by monthly consultations until your health has stabilised. Any testing that has been conducted in the initial stages will be reviewed every 3-6 months, based on your individual presentation. At this time, treatment plans will also be reviewed & updated to address any changes to your health to optimise your long-term health outcomes.